Four Door Sideboard- Black
  • Four Door Sideboard- Black
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Four Door Sideboard / TV Cabinet

A stylish cabinet with four doors opening outwards to reveal an incredibly spacious interior with four compartments. Additional shelving is also available. Two sliding metal panels patterned with a traditional Chinese motif provide an interesting focal point as well as versatile access. Audio and video cables inside the sideboard could be routed to the bottom through openings provided and then to the top from the back of the sideboard. The cabinet sits on a stainless steel base polished to a mirror finish. Available in red, white or black.

Materials: Wood, stainless steel

Colours: Red, White, Black

Dimensions:Width 190cm, Depth 50cm, Height 70cm

Four Door Sideboard / TV Cabinet available in other colour


Four Door Sideboard- Black

4door sideboard black corner



Black, Red, White